Department of Fine Arts Education FPSD UPI and 

FBS UNJ Study Program MoA and IA Cooperation

On Tuesday, February 7, 2023, the Chairperson and Secretary, Department of Fine Arts Education, Faculty of Art and Design Education, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (FPSD UPI) paid a return visit to the Fine Arts Education Study Program, Faculty of Language and Arts, State University of Jakarta (FBS UNJ) to discuss cooperation in the Tridharma of Higher Education activities and cooperation in the Merdeka Learning Campus Merdeka Curriculum, followed by the signing of the MoA and the implementation plan for cooperation (Implementation Arrangement / IA) between study programs. This visit was more lively because in addition to cooperation between several study programs, there was also cooperation between FPSD UPI and FPB UNJ, which was led directly by the Dean of the Faculty of Art and Design Education, University of Education Indonesia, Dr. phil. Yudi Sukmayadi, M.Pd. and accompanied by the Vice Dean for Student Affairs of FPSD UPI Mr. Dr. Dadang Sulaeman, M.Sn. as well as the Head of Dance Education FPSD UPI, and Head of Music Education FPSD UPI and lecturer representatives from FPSD UPI.

Photo 1. Joint Photo of the Dean of FBS UNJ and Dean of FPSD UPI with the leaders of Fine Arts Education Study Program, Dance Education Study Program, and Music Education Study Program as well as lecturer representatives.

This visit to the Fine Arts Education Study Program at FBS UNJ follows up on previous collaborations, with the hope of further strengthening the form of cooperation that has been built so far. Some of the things discussed in this collaboration are in addition to the Independent Campus Learning Curriculum Cooperation, as well as cooperation in the fields of research, publishing journal articles, and joint painting exhibitions.

In the field of joint research, each study program has agreed that to plan the topics to be carried out, plan the number of joint research proposals, plan to determine the head and members of the research, plan to determine the source of research funds and carry out joint research.

Photo 2. Signing of MoA and IA Cooperation between Fine Arts Education Study Program of FBS UPI (Dr. Indro Moerdisuroso, M.Sn. and Fine Arts Education Department of FPSD UPI (Dr. Taswadi, M.Sn.) accompanied by Secretary (Warli Haryana, M.Pd.).

While in the field of cooperation in the publishing of journal articles, it was also agreed to plan the number of articles to be published, plan the exchange of the style of each journal, plan the publishing time, exchange articles to be published and publish articles together.

And the final discussion in his visit to the Fine Arts Study Program FBS UNJ was also agreed on the plan for a Joint Painting Exhibition, with the hope that there would be an atmosphere of intimacy from the two big families of the study program, to be able to plan the formation of a joint exhibition committee, planning the time and place of the exhibition, planning the Exhibition Topic, planning the number of works to be exhibited and collecting paintings to be exhibited together. On this occasion, Dr. Indro Moerdisuroso, M.Sn. as the Head of the Fine Arts Education Study Program, Faculty of Language and Arts, Universitas Negeri Jakarta stated that UNJ is ready to become the organizer of the Joint Fine Arts Exhibition in 2023, and this was also agreed by Dr. Taswadi, M.Sn. (Chair) and Warli Haryana, S.Pd., M.Pd. (Secretary) Department of Fine Arts Education FPSD UPI.

At the end of the Cooperation visit between the two study programs, there was an interesting thing with the presence of several students from the Fine Arts Education Study Program FBS UNJ who deliberately attended to meet us the leaders of the Fine Arts Education Study Program FPSD UPI, the student representatives included Nur Hanif Anggreini, Nadila Restu Iswara, Amanda Juliana B. Hutahaean, Kyara Jasmine Firdaus, Mochammad Rheyno Rafandha, and Salvia Ardelia. They said they were very happy and proud to be given the opportunity to participate in the MBKM student exchange program last year which was very interesting and the plan for 2023 will also continue to participate in the exchange program and is being formulated what courses are in accordance with the conditions in the Fine Arts Education Study Program FPBS UPI he said. (WH23).

Photo 3. Group photo of students participating in the Student Exchange Program from the Fine Arts Education Study Program of FBS State University of Jakarta (FBS UNJ), with study program leaders and secretaries.