(07/02/2023) In order to improve the IKU of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia and the synergy of MBKM, the Faculty of Art and Design Education (FPSD) through a group directly led by the Dean of FPSD Dr. phil. Yudi Sukmayadi, M.Pd, along with Dr. Dadang Sulaiman, M.Sn (WD3), Dr. Hery Supiarza, M.Pd (Head of FTV Study Program) and Dr. Harry Tjahjodiningrat, M.Pd (field of cooperation for FTV study program) signed a cooperation agreement in the field of airing academic products in the form of documentary films and fiction films from Film and Television study programs and independent internships for FPSD students at the BTV station. BTV was formerly called Berita Satu Media Holdings to B Universe. This name change was carried out in conjunction with the BNI Investor Daily Summit 2022 event which was opened by President Joko Widodo. B Universe becomes multiplatform with its products ranging from television, online, and print media. with the tagline being an inspiring media. BTV wants to present many things not only news but also entertainment. In the future BTV Not only news programs, but also presenters and artists who are selected according to their capacity to present quality content. Based on this branding change, BTV specifically wants to collaborate with FPSD where they assess that quality content can be produced by study programs in FPSD. Said by Dr. Phil. Yudi Sukmayadi, M.Pd: Specifically, the implementation of this collaboration has started since January 2023 between the FTV Study Program and BTV through the broadcast of documentary films which are aired every 13.00 Saturday and Sunday with a broadcast duration of 6 times per film title for the next year, then the FTV study program in February 2023 plans to send 5-10 students to carry out an internship program for 1 semester at BTV.